Food Matrix: Magnetic vs. Alkaline & Healing the Body w/ 19keys & Yah’ki

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S1E6 Ft. Yah’ki Awakened

Featured Guest Bio:
Yah’ki is a Spiritual Holistic Teacher, Herbalist, Crystal Healer, Musician and Positive Speaker for the Black Community. Yah’ki has developed a unique skill of merging biblical and ancient mystical principles into a scientific perspective. His mission is to show the Black Community their true identity and provoke self-awakening to excel in this reality. To execute his mission, Yah’ki promotes and demonstrate unity, love, health and self-awareness amongst his people.
To jump start his holistic journey, Yah’ki began to study the psychological damage and state of mind of the people within his environment. He obtained knowledge from black leaders such as Dr. Sebi, Dr. Afrika, Elder Moreh Shaleem, Dr. Ben Clark, Dr. Amos N. Wilson and a host of others.
Through giving back to his community and being passionate about curing individuals through the use of herbs, speaking, and writing music, Yah’ki established his own youth foundation called the “Black Messiah Project”. He travels far and wide, teaching on many platforms in the black community and is well known for his music, holistic and spiritual teachings.

This Episode:
This episode goes high level into the conversation of our understanding Biological warfare in what foods can do to black men and women. The conversation also goes into the electric vs magnetic foods and how to understand what foods are right for you. If you want to learn how to heal the Brain & Body, then tap in to this episode of HLC with Yahki & 19keys

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19 KEYS:
Top thought leader of the culture and leader in the health , financial Liberation , blockchain , crypto , NFT , High level mindset etc. An Oakland,ca truth speaker..

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