They will manipulate you unless you know their techniques… 48 Laws of Power Animated Book Summary

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Detailed Step by Step animated book summary of 48 Laws Of Power by Robert Greene.

Main Ideas of 48 Laws Of Power by Robert Greene:
Law 1. Never outperform the master.
Law 2. Never lay too much trust in friends, know how to manipulate enemies.
Law 3. Hide your intentions.
Law 4. Always say less than you could.
Law 5. Guard your reputation with life.
Law 6. By all means, attract attention.
Law 7. Take Credit For Others’ Work.
Law 8. Have other people come to you. Lure them if you have to.
Law 9. Win through your actions. Never try to win through argument.
Law 10. Avoid unhappy and unlucky people.
Law 11. Learn to make people depend on you.
Law 12. Be selective with your honesty and generosity to disarm your victim.
Law 13. When you want to ask for help, appeal to the person’s self-interest.
Law 14. Disguise as a friend, work as a spy.
Law 15. Completely destroy your enemy.
Law 16. Gain respect and honor with your absence.
Law 17. Create suspense and be unpredictable.
Law 18. Withdraw for a while, but don’t isolate yourself.
Law 19. Don't offend the wrong person. Have an idea of who you’re dealing with.
Law 20. Don’t Take Sides.
Law 21. Appear dumber than your enemy.
Law 22. Change weakness into power by using the surrendering trick.
Law 23. Concentrate your forces.
Law 24. Play the perfect courtier.
Law 25. Recreate yourself.
Law 26. Keep your hands clean.
Law 27. Play on people’s desire to accept a cult-like following.
Law 28. Enter action with boldness.
Law 29. Plan to the end.
Law 30. Make your accomplishments seem effortless.
Law 31. Take control of the possibilities. Get others to play with the cards you deal.
Law 32. Play to people’s fantasies.
Law 33. Discover each person’s thumbscrew.
Law 34. Act like a king, and others will treat you like one.
Law 35. Master the art of timing.
Law 36. Disdain things you cannot have. Ignoring them is the best revenge.
Law 37. Create compelling spectacles.
Law 38. Think what you want, but behave like others.
Law 39. Stir up waters, force fish to the surface.
Law 40. Despise the free lunch.
Law 41. Don't follow your great predecessors, become great in your own way.
Law 42. Eliminate the man in charge.
Law 43. Work on the hearts and emotions of others.
Law 44. Disarm and enrage with the mirror effect.
Law 45. Advocate the need for change, but never too much at once.
Law 46. Never appear too perfect.
Law 47. Succeed in moderation, don't go beyond the result you aimed for.
Law 48. Adopt formlessness as a strategy.

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