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Russia Opens Its Vaults To Reveal Black Biblical Israelites
Russia Opens Its Vaults To Reveal Black Biblical Israelites Mix Flix 1 Views • 27 days ago

Russia Opens Its Vaults To Reveal Black Biblical Israelite's
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0:00: 🔍 Exploring historical Russian icons depicting darker-skinned biblical figures and their significance.
1:05: The icons hold deep meanings and spark questions about history, faith, and representation.
4:16: 🖼️ Rare black icons from the 14th century unveiled in Moscow Cathedral, showcasing surviving masterpieces saved by museums.
5:27: Unveiling of rare black icons as a powerful testament to enduring art
8:14: True Israelites were black-skinned and ended up in West Africa after fleeing from destruction by Titus.
9:05: The children of Shem and Ham, both black-skinned, faced discrimination due to their mixing and disobedience.
13:22: Black icons in Russia challenge historical perceptions and depict black figures in biblical scenes.
16:48: ⚔️ Controversy over statues of historical figures leads to debate on racial justice and Christianity.
17:56: Divided public opinion on statue removal as a way to address systemic racism

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Join me on a transformative journey as we honour our black ancestors and reclaim our world through the lens of Africa. Through engaging dialogue, we will explore the rich tapestry of African history, culture, and worldview, discovering their profound relevance in our lives today. Together, we will share our thoughts and knowledge, fostering a new culture of awareness and reclaiming our collective narrative.

Let's celebrate the vibrant heritage and enduring legacy of Africa, forging a path of enlightenment and unity. Together, we can shape a future rooted in understanding, respect, and shared heritage.

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RUSSIAN ICONS: Jesus Christ was a black not white as earlier depicted || Truth revealed
RUSSIAN ICONS: Jesus Christ was a black not white as earlier depicted || Truth revealed Mix Flix 2 Views • 1 month ago

This book was released by Russia...The book titled RUSSIAN ICONS written by Father Vladimir Ivanov talks about Jesus Christ being black and all the other bible characters as blacks not white as previously depicted by many!

This book has people drawn in black with clear illustrations and explanations.

watch carefully and leave a comment, subscribe, like and share with others.

#remisemedia#russianicons#blacks#whites#blackhistory#bible#holybook watch black saint Moses Orthodox

You cannot have both
You cannot have both Wepush TV 3 Views • 4 months ago

⁣You cannot have both

Food Matrix: Magnetic vs. Alkaline & Healing the Body w/ 19keys & Yah’ki
Food Matrix: Magnetic vs. Alkaline & Healing the Body w/ 19keys & Yah’ki Mix Flix 3 Views • 5 months ago

19 Keys presents High Level Conversations to bring you into the high frequency of talk to elevate your mindset and value.

S1E6 Ft. Yah’ki Awakened

Featured Guest Bio:
Yah’ki is a Spiritual Holistic Teacher, Herbalist, Crystal Healer, Musician and Positive Speaker for the Black Community. Yah’ki has developed a unique skill of merging biblical and ancient mystical principles into a scientific perspective. His mission is to show the Black Community their true identity and provoke self-awakening to excel in this reality. To execute his mission, Yah’ki promotes and demonstrate unity, love, health and self-awareness amongst his people.
To jump start his holistic journey, Yah’ki began to study the psychological damage and state of mind of the people within his environment. He obtained knowledge from black leaders such as Dr. Sebi, Dr. Afrika, Elder Moreh Shaleem, Dr. Ben Clark, Dr. Amos N. Wilson and a host of others.
Through giving back to his community and being passionate about curing individuals through the use of herbs, speaking, and writing music, Yah’ki established his own youth foundation called the “Black Messiah Project”. He travels far and wide, teaching on many platforms in the black community and is well known for his music, holistic and spiritual teachings.

This Episode:
This episode goes high level into the conversation of our understanding Biological warfare in what foods can do to black men and women. The conversation also goes into the electric vs magnetic foods and how to understand what foods are right for you. If you want to learn how to heal the Brain & Body, then tap in to this episode of HLC with Yahki & 19keys

Featured Guest Contact:

19 KEYS:
Top thought leader of the culture and leader in the health , financial Liberation , blockchain , crypto , NFT , High level mindset etc. An Oakland,ca truth speaker..

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They will manipulate you unless you know their techniques… 48 Laws of Power Animated Book Summary
They will manipulate you unless you know their techniques… 48 Laws of Power Animated Book Summary Mix Flix 3 Views • 5 months ago

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Detailed Step by Step animated book summary of 48 Laws Of Power by Robert Greene.

Main Ideas of 48 Laws Of Power by Robert Greene:
Law 1. Never outperform the master.
Law 2. Never lay too much trust in friends, know how to manipulate enemies.
Law 3. Hide your intentions.
Law 4. Always say less than you could.
Law 5. Guard your reputation with life.
Law 6. By all means, attract attention.
Law 7. Take Credit For Others’ Work.
Law 8. Have other people come to you. Lure them if you have to.
Law 9. Win through your actions. Never try to win through argument.
Law 10. Avoid unhappy and unlucky people.
Law 11. Learn to make people depend on you.
Law 12. Be selective with your honesty and generosity to disarm your victim.
Law 13. When you want to ask for help, appeal to the person’s self-interest.
Law 14. Disguise as a friend, work as a spy.
Law 15. Completely destroy your enemy.
Law 16. Gain respect and honor with your absence.
Law 17. Create suspense and be unpredictable.
Law 18. Withdraw for a while, but don’t isolate yourself.
Law 19. Don't offend the wrong person. Have an idea of who you’re dealing with.
Law 20. Don’t Take Sides.
Law 21. Appear dumber than your enemy.
Law 22. Change weakness into power by using the surrendering trick.
Law 23. Concentrate your forces.
Law 24. Play the perfect courtier.
Law 25. Recreate yourself.
Law 26. Keep your hands clean.
Law 27. Play on people’s desire to accept a cult-like following.
Law 28. Enter action with boldness.
Law 29. Plan to the end.
Law 30. Make your accomplishments seem effortless.
Law 31. Take control of the possibilities. Get others to play with the cards you deal.
Law 32. Play to people’s fantasies.
Law 33. Discover each person’s thumbscrew.
Law 34. Act like a king, and others will treat you like one.
Law 35. Master the art of timing.
Law 36. Disdain things you cannot have. Ignoring them is the best revenge.
Law 37. Create compelling spectacles.
Law 38. Think what you want, but behave like others.
Law 39. Stir up waters, force fish to the surface.
Law 40. Despise the free lunch.
Law 41. Don't follow your great predecessors, become great in your own way.
Law 42. Eliminate the man in charge.
Law 43. Work on the hearts and emotions of others.
Law 44. Disarm and enrage with the mirror effect.
Law 45. Advocate the need for change, but never too much at once.
Law 46. Never appear too perfect.
Law 47. Succeed in moderation, don't go beyond the result you aimed for.
Law 48. Adopt formlessness as a strategy.

DISCLAIMER: All information and data on this video are for informational purposes only. The ideas and strategies should never be used without first assessing your own personal and financial situation, or without consulting a financial professional.

This video is copyrighted by I.M. INFLUENCE MEDIA LTD. Therefore any unauthorized copying and use of the work constitute copyright infringement.

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HOW TO BREED - Complete Guide to Making Feminized Cannabis Weed & Selfie Seeds - Pollination 101
HOW TO BREED - Complete Guide to Making Feminized Cannabis Weed & Selfie Seeds - Pollination 101 Mix Flix 3 Views • 5 months ago

After years of experience and countless revisions, I’m happy to say the complete masterclass on how to breed cannabis is finally here. This complete guide took over 3 years to make and the clips in it are all from breeding projects I have been working on for the past 2 years.

0:18 The Wonderful World of Breeding Cannabis
1:12 Fundamentals of Cannabis Sex, Anatomy & Pollination in Nature
2:21 Forced Hermaphrodotism using STS or Colloidal Silver & Feminized Seeds

Tutorial on How to Make STS:

3:06 Bad Hermies, Poor Genetics
4:13 Why Clones are the Best to Reverse
5:34 Spraying Schedule
8:17 Harvesting Pollen
9:31 How to Pollinate Cannabis
11:47 Harvesting Seeds

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How to make cannabis and weed seeds is all about timing and understanding the life cycle.

The secret is that you do not need any males to produce seeds and by reversing a female with ethylene inhibitors such as colloidal silver and STS. Without a male, you will produce all female offspring also known as feminized seeds and this breeding process can be used for both photoperiods and autoflowers(autos).

Video on how to make STS:

This video will teach you how to produce feminized photoperiods, feminized autoflowers, regular photoperiods, regular autoflowers. It also teaches you how to make selfie seeds which is the closest thing to a clone in seed form. This is done by taking a plant and pollinating itself. All of the visible traits (phenotypes) will be passed on to the next generation unless a hidden heterozygous gene pairs and overrides some genetics.

#feminizedseeds #cannabisseeds #breedingcannabis

No Progress
No Progress Wepush TV 2 Views • 5 months ago

No Progress

Dr. K'Adamawe Knife Says, "The History Of This World Emerges In The Pattern Of A Tree"
Dr. K'Adamawe Knife Says, "The History Of This World Emerges In The Pattern Of A Tree" Mix Flix 1 Views • 5 months ago

Watch more reasonings from Dr. K’adamawe Knife:

Dr. K'adamawe Knife a Rastafari lecturer and researcher at University of West Indies in Jamaica speaks about Raja Yogi book and this generation choosing spirituality instead of religion.

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